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Priority to Property Right

Revue des Loyers, Janvier 2020, n° 1003

Actions of co-owners facing abuse of commercial premises

Revue des Loyers, Octobre 2019, n° 1000

Know how to work with a building manager

Le Monde des Artisans, Septembre/Octobre 2019, n° 132

The lessor's judicial action against the occupant does not depend of his action against the tenant

Revue des Loyers, Février 2019, n° 994

The Elan law clarifies the ownership of electricity columns

Revue des Loyers, Décembre 2018, n° 992

Prior authorization to change the use in case of secondary home rental 

Revue des Loyers, Octobre 2018, n° 990

What methods to convey a General Meeting of co-owners?

Blog Hello Syndic, 3 Septembre 2018

I would like  to install a pergola / veranda on my garden level, can I do it without  prior authorization from the General Assembly?

Blog Hello Syndic, 3 Août 2018

I would like to form the pipes that pass through my apartment, am I authorized to do so?

Hello Syndic, 23 Juillet 2018

Sale of commercial premises: prior notification to the tenant and price excluding negotiation costs

Village de la Justice, 23 Juillet 2018

How to change the building manager ? Competition rules

Hello Syndic, 23 Octobre 2017

How to change the building manager ? Competition rules

Hello Syndic, 11 Octobre 2017

Decree of March 11, 2015: a new amicable step prior to any action

Gazette du Palais, 30 Juillet 2015

Brussels Ibis Regulation: the abolition of the exequatur proceeding

Gazette du Palais, 28 Février 2015

With spring 2013 comes the time for prescriptions

Annonces de la Seine, 25 Février 2013

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